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Mission Statement

The McCoy College of Business fosters an engaged learning community that prepares a diverse student population for successful business careers as responsible global citizens. The College complements these efforts with research that adds to knowledge, provides solutions to business challenges, and contributes to pedagogical advances.


The McCoy College of Business strives to be a leader in experiential business education and business relevant, socially significant research.

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Committed to supporting the mission of Texas State University as a Hispanic-Serving Institution and designated emerging research institution for the state of Texas, we embrace:

  • A unique combination of experiential learning, excellent faculty instruction, and a student-centered culture.
  • Responsiveness, accountability, and ongoing contributions through research and service to Texas and beyond.
  • Excellence in all endeavors through self-study, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • Integrity and adherence to professional and ethical standards.
  • Respect for individuals and a diverse culture that promotes a globally engaged community of students, staff, and faculty.
  • Student engagement and development through active involvement in student organizations.
  • Lifelong learning and professional development of students, staff, and faculty.

Guiding Principles for Strategic Decision Making:

  1. Alignment with McCoy College mission and strategic goals

  2. Availability of sufficient resources for excellence and quality while exceeding accreditation standards

  3. Delivery of programs that respond to market demand and benefit student

Strategic Goals

The following goals give direction to the McCoy College of Business mission, and recognize that scholarship and service support aid the primary focus of teaching and learning.

  • Maintain AACSB standards
  • Develop a strong research culture while maintaining quality teaching
  • Increase graduate student enrollment by providing innovative, market-driven programs
  • Focus on global business initiatives
  • Provide an environment for our learning community that enhances and supports diversity
  • Foster business community relationships with primary emphasis on small and medium-size businesses
  • Sustain a development program
  • Support a dynamic student learning environment

Planning Process:

Included in the planning process were student groups, a joint meeting of eight college advisory boards, meetings of each department, two college meetings, and discussion and prioritization by the McCoy College of Business Council (CBAC).

McCoy College of Business Top Five 2017-2023 Strategic Priorities