Established in 1970, Texas State’s business school officially became the McCoy College of Business in 2004. The college, which offers classes in both San Marcos and Round Rock, is accredited by AACSB in both business and accounting and has graduated more than 44,000 alumni.

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Our Mission

The McCoy College of Business is dedicated to empowering diverse students of exceptional promise to become leaders and innovators who create enduring value for business and society. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing cutting-edge education that equips students with skills and capabilities to excel in a dynamic business environment.
  • Producing rigorous research that addresses real-world challenges facing business and the environments in which they operate.
  • Promoting strong collaborative partnerships that enrich the diverse communities we serve and creating a growing legacy for our alumni.
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Our Vision

Through bold ideas and action, we seek to transform the lives of students and define the future of business in Texas and beyond.

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Our Values

At the McCoy College of Business, we value:

Our Community

  • We are a diverse and vibrant learning community united in our belief that business makes a world of difference and that our students thrive in a world of possibilities.
  • We create inclusive and welcoming spaces where individuals from all backgrounds can bring their voices and perspectives, create knowledge and meaning, and enrich our learning community.

Our Students

  • We are dedicated to the success of our students where our knowledgeable and caring faculty and staff prepare students to lead in their professions and communities.

Academic Excellence

  • We promote an ethic of professional autonomy that allows each of us to pursue deep and meaningful work.
  • We are proud to demonstrate unwavering integrity in our pursuit of excellence with purpose in teaching, research, service, and outreach activities.


  • We thrive on collaboration that promotes a culture of inquiry, trust, and respect.
  • We encourage collaborative learning and discovery that fosters responsiveness and global engagement.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • We are an innovative, flexible, and learning organization and embrace change that moves us forward.
  • We encourage bold and persistent experimentation and are unafraid of taking calculated risks.


  • We act within ethical frameworks and are committed to responsible stewardship of our resources and the environment.
  • We value the trust placed in us by our students, alumni, parents, and members of our community.
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McCoy College Strategic Plan (2023-2029)

Goal 1: Improve Student Success 

Develop intentional and focused collegiate experiences that engage, serve, and support our diverse student population in achieving their academic and professional goals.

Goal 2: Advance Academic Excellence 

Provide a cutting-edge and applied business education through innovative programs, curricula, and learning experiences that prepares graduates for lifelong success in a rapidly evolving global workforce.

Goal 3: Achieve Research Eminence

In support of the University’s Carnegie R-1 goals, advance faculty research excellence as measured by publications in top-tier academic journals (those considered as being most influential on academic thought and having the highest standards in the field) and nationally recognized grant programs that provide insights into real-world issues facing business and the environments in which they operate.

Goal 4: Deepen Community Impact 

Enrich and improve the economic development of Texas and social well-being of Texans through meaningful engagement with alumni, business, and community partners.

Goal 5: Strengthen Organizational Foundation 

Support our people and organization through diligent stewardship of culture and resources.