Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate degree programs at the McCoy College of Business.

BBA in Accounting

The BBA degree in accounting at Texas State allows students to set a foundation for almost any career in business. Students are provided with an understanding of current accounting and management theories (including their practical applications), and they learn how to manage ethical situations in their professional careers. Knowledge gained in the program will allow for career paths that include business and industry, government, not-for-profit, and education.


The computer information systems (CIS) curriculum provides a strong foundation in the concepts and applications of information systems and technology in organizations. It gives CIS majors the opportunity to study enterprise design, business intelligence, data analytics, database development, network and security administration, programming languages, and the integration of hardware and software systems with management practices.

BBA / BA in Economics

Economics studies the use of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. The department’s introductory courses meet the need for basic economic and legal understanding in a complex modern society. Upper-division economics and business law courses build upon this foundation.

BBA in Finance

In today’s dynamic global business environment the role of the finance professional is increasingly important. Learning how to appropriately make investment and financing decisions is key to determining the monetary success of either the firm or the individual. Further, being able to recognize the inherent risk of these decisions and knowing how to adequately hedge against uncertainty is crucial in our highly integrated system of capital markets.

BBA in Management

The management program prepares students for challenging careers and educates our students to become successful managers and leaders in a dynamic business world. There are two concentration options within the management program: entrepreneurial studies and human resource management. The concentration in entrepreneurial studies is designed for students who wish to start, operate, or expand their own businesses or family-owned businesses. The concentration in human resource management is designed to prepare students for careers in human resource management.

BBA in Marketing

The marketing program prepares students for challenging careers in a variety of business, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Marketing majors typically pursue careers in sales and sales management, service marketing, brand management, retail management, marketing research, advertising, or international marketing. Texas State marketing students graduate with knowledge, skills, and a portfolio of projects.