Meet Dr. Maggie Wan

March 8, 2022

By Nichole Black
Digital Marketing Strategist, McCoy College of Business

Dr. Min “Maggie” Wan joined the McCoy College of Business in 2016 as an assistant professor in the Department of Management. She specializes in research investigating work-life issues and employee well-being with the goal of helping human resource representatives at local businesses and beyond. 

Dr. Wan received her bachelor’s and master’s in Human Resource Management at Guizhou University in China and worked in human resources for a few years. She later learned that her tendency to ask many questions led to an interest in academic research. After exploring many Ph.D. options, Dr. Wan accepted an offer to study Management Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Dr. Wan’s primary research focus is on remote work environments. She collaborates with colleagues at universities across the country, including Baylor University and University of South Alabama, to solve issues around balancing professional and personal obligations.

“The key thing we want to figure out is what resources that organizations need to provide to remote employees to make sure they are not only productive, but they are also happy and healthy in the long term,” said Dr. Wan. 

Her secondary research focus is the SCALEUP (Sustainable Cultivation & Advancement of Local Enterprises for Underserved Populations) program, in which she was selected as a faculty research fellow. This project — in collaboration with McCoy College faculty including Dr. Josh Daspit, Dr. Rob Konopaske, and Dr. Sid Anderson — explores why minority-owned businesses do not grow at the same rates as other businesses. 

“Right now, we are doing a lot of the readings and we’re planning to get a literature review done,” said Dr. Wan. “Based on our findings, which will come down to interviews with local minority business owners, we will hopefully find answers relating to cultural, social, family, and financial factors that will help minority-owned businesses thrive.”

When seeking colleagues for collaboration on research, she looks for people who offer other areas of expertise but also have similar interests and complementary skills. Dr. Wan enjoys the process of idea generation and brainstorming research topics that will result in the greatest social impact. 

“It is promising to work in interdisciplinary teams,” Dr. Wan said, “so I would like to learn more from my colleagues outside of management to learn about what they are doing. It is highly likely we are interested in something similar. I look forward to having those conversations with them and bringing those different strengths to a team.”  

During her free time, Dr. Wan enjoys relaxing at home with her three cats. She and her husband also like to travel. Last December, the couple took a trip to Hawaii and snapped some incredible photos of the scenery.

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