Family Business Research Productivity Ranking

Journal Publications, 2018-2022

About the Rankings

Family businesses are the most prevalent form of business around the world. Published annually, the Texas State University Family Business Research Productivity Ranking provides insight into the universities and scholars at the forefront of family business research.

Family Business Research Productivity Rankings


To create the Texas State University Family Business Research Productivity Rankings, a methodology was followed that aligns with other well-respected academic rankings.1 Specifically, the rankings are based on the collective number of articles published during the most recent five-year period (2018-2022) in the top three academic journals dedicated to exclusively publishing family business research. These journals, which serve as the field's reference point, are listed below in order of their most recent five-year impact factor.2

  • Family Business Review (FBR; 5-Year Impact Factor: 10.5)
  • Journal of Family Business Strategy (JFBS; 5-Year Impact Factor: 7.7)
  • Journal of Family Business Management (JFBM; 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.9)

The rankings are based on the five-year impact factor for each journal and the number of articles published in the given timeframe. Each journal was searched individually using Web of Science.3 Articles published in each journal from 2018 through 2022 were identified. Editorials, commentaries, retractions, and other published works are not included. Information on each article was downloaded and examined. Duplicate entries were removed.

For the institutional ranking, all counts are at the university level, meaning all departments or other units within a given institution are included. Only the first-listed (primary) affiliation of each author on a given publication is counted for the institutional ranking. If two or more researchers from the same institution are listed as authors on an article, the institution is only counted once. Data are not adjusted for the faculty size of a given institution.

To determine the ranking of individual authors, a count was made of all authors with at least one article published in at least one of the aforementioned journals. Data were manually cross-checked to ensure accuracy. To be included in the list, an author was required to have published at least three articles in the aforementioned journals during the five-year period. Additionally, the data were manually cross-checked to ensure accuracy. For example, in instances where a variation of an author's name was listed (e.g., "John Jones" versus "John X. Jones"), the records were merged only after a manual confirmation that the author was the same individual.

Of note, this ranking intentionally focuses on scholarly research productivity within the three most prominent journals dedicated to exclusively publishing research on family business. The intention of the ranking is to identify thought leaders in family business research and institutions where family business research is active. The ranking should not be considered as the sole criterion for evaluating any university, organization, author, or scholarly contribution.

1 Examples of similar ranking approaches include the Global Entrepreneurship Research Productivity Rankings by Texas Christian University and the Sport Management Research Contribution Ranking by the University of North Texas
2 The source of each journal's impact factor is the Journal Citation Reports published by Clarivate. 
3 All databases were searched in Web of Science.

About Us

This ranking is part of Texas State University’s commitment to producing rigorous and impactful academic research with relevance.

Family businesses are central to the McCoy College of Business. The college was named in 2004 to honor the generous gift from Emmett and Miriam McCoy of McCoy’s Building Supply, a family business headquartered in San Marcos, Texas. The current President and CEO of McCoy’s Building Supply, Meagan McCoy Jones, is the fourth generation of her family to lead McCoy’s Building Supply. The family business currently operates 85 locations within a three-state area.

Featured Faculty

Texas State University's Dr. Josh Daspit ranks 19th on the inaugural Texas State University Family Business Research Productivity Ranking. He is an associate professor of management and the Dean Paul R. Gowens Excellence Professor in Business at the McCoy College of Business at Texas State. He specializes in entrepreneurship research, focusing on family firms and small businesses.

Dr. Daspit is focused on conducting relevant research and applying insights to help businesses. To this end, Dr. Daspit serves as the Director of SCALEUP, a university-wide program at Texas State with the goal of helping small businesses grow. Additionally, as a research fellow, he worked with the university's Translational Health Research Center to launch an awards program recognizing small businesses across Texas.


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