Keny Daniele

President & Owner, Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling
March 19, 2024

Keny Daniele is a successful entrepreneur in the automobile shredding and recycling industry. His early exposure to the industry came through his father's auto salvage yard and transportation company, Milton Motors. Today, Keny owns and operates Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling in Houston and two automobile pick-a-part yards, which are located in Houston and Harlingen, Texas.

His journey in the scrap metal business began as a class project at Texas State University, where he was the only one in his class to focus on opening a scrap yard. His detailed business plan evolved into Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling, which he launched while still in college.

Only Keny and one operator started Prestige when it was founded in 2012, and now there are 62 employees. The company specializes in processing ferrous and nonferrous metals and end-of-life vehicles. Additionally, Prestige offers additional services like roll-off containers and demolition scrap services. Keny's recent achievements include the installation of an automobile shredder, a dream he has had since childhood. Despite overcoming numerous challenges—including navigating market downturns and operational learning curves—Keny continues to grow his business and aims to expand his staff and fleet.

Keny is recognized for fostering a business culture that balances hard work with fun, and he takes pride in maintaining a clean and efficient facility. His vision for Prestige includes expanding the pick-a-part yard to create a full-service destination for scrap and auto salvage. Ultimately, he views Prestige as a state-of-the-art auto recycling company. Keny's commitment to innovation and his proactive approach in the steadily growing recycling industry make him a leader in the field. ✯