Student Success Center

McCoy Hall 1st Floor | Room 110

Business Leadership Week

February 12-16, 2024
Full schedule and speaker list now available.

New Website Coming Soon

We will launch a new website for the McCoy College Student Success Center very soon. Upon launch, this page will redirect users to the new website.

Creating Community for Academic Success and Professional Preparation


The mission of the McCoy College of Business is to foster an engaged learning environment by preparing a diverse student population for successful business careers — thus strengthening the workforce for Texas and the world.

In advancing this mission, the McCoy College has established a Student Success Center aimed at accelerating the preparation of business students for academic and career success and a lifetime of leadership and achievement. The center occupies a visible and welcoming space on the first floor of McCoy Hall, ensuring all elements of the McCoy College’s programs and services work together to support student learning and growth. Our new Student Success Center serves as a collaborative hub for students, faculty, staff, alumni, employers, and industry partners. Professional staff in the center guide students through their academic lifecycle in the college from first-year transition to career placement and beyond.

This investment in student success directly affects student retention, graduation rates, career readiness, and long-term leadership. The McCoy College of Business provide our graduates with more opportunities for productive and fulfilling careers.

At the McCoy College of Business, we are a diverse, vibrant, and dynamic community devoted to the idea that business makes a world of difference. ✯