Minor in Business Administration

A minor in business administration is offered by the McCoy College for non-business majors.

Application to the college is not required to pursue this minor. Advising for minors is done by the advisor of the student’s declared major.

Catalog years fall 2004 and later, the following courses are required for the minor (18-24 semester hours):

Required - Accounting and Economics (choose option 1 or 2; 6 – 12 hours)*:

Option 1: (6 hours)

Accounting 2301: Principles of Accounting
Economics 2301: Principles of Economics   

OR Option 2: (12 hours)*

Complete both ACC 2361 and ACC 2362
Complete both ECO 2314 and ECO 2315

*If you intend to become a business major at some point you must complete option 2 to satisfy the lower-level business core requirement. ECO 2301 and ACC 2301 do not satisfy any business major requirements. 

Required - Students also choose FOUR courses from (12 hours):
BLAW 2361: Legal Environment of Business
CIS 3317: E-Business
FIN 3340: Fundamentals of Business Finance
MGT 3303: Principles of Management
MKT 3343: Principles of Marketing

How to Enroll:

Students must declare the minor with their major advisor in order to enroll in upper-division coursework.

To be eligible to enroll in upper division (3000- and 4000-level) courses all students must satisfy stated course prerequisites, maintain an overall GPA of 2.00 or greater, and have completed at least 60 semester hours. 

For further information and to declare a business minor please contact the advising center for your major.