Fund Your Studies

Scholarships & Fellowships

McCoy graduate students have a number of opportunities for financial support. In addition to any external scholarships which may be available, students enrolled in McCoy graduate programs are encouraged to apply for scholarships and fellowships. Read below for more information on these forms of financial assistance and how to apply.

Texas State University Graduate College Scholarships

The Graduate College at Texas State University awards numerous scholarships every year. Funding for these scholarships comes from a wide variety of sources including individuals, corporations, foundations and special interest organizations and projects.

McCoy College of Business Scholarships

McCoy College of Business provides numerous scholarships for graduate business students. Our scholarships are provided by individuals, foundations, corporations and special interest organizations.

McCoy College of Business Fellowships

A limited number of McCoy Fellowships are awarded to exceptional graduate business students. Fellowships are similar to Scholarships by providing a monetary award to help offset the cost of graduate studies, however, Fellowships have the additional benefit of providing a recurring award over multiple academic years. McCoy Fellowships are awarded on a very competitive basis.

How To Apply

Click on the button below and complete the application for the Graduate College Scholarship via the Bobcat Online Scholarship System (BOSS). Once your application for the Graduate College Scholarship is completed in BOSS you will automatically be eligible and considered for all McCoy College of Business Scholarships and Fellowships. 

A Note to Applicants Regarding the January 15 "Priority Deadline":

Applicants to any of the McCoy College of Business graduate programs may be considered for scholarships for the current academic year. In order to be considered for these financial aid awards, however, your completed applications must be received no later than January 15. Consideration for scholarships is not automatic upon being accepted to your program of choice; meeting the Priority Deadline merely affords you the opportunity to apply for scholarships prior to entering the program. Please refer to the Application Deadlines page for more information regarding the Priority Deadline for new/incoming students.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions offer McCoy graduate students the opportunity to generate income while working on campus. GA positions are available within each academic department within McCoy College of Business in addition to the Dean's Office. There are also GA positions available across the entire Texas State campus in other colleges and departments. Graduate assistant positions are posted on the Texas State jobs board, Jobs4Cats. Once accepted to a graduate program you can view the available positions on Jobs4Cats.

There are three things to note related to GA positions:

  1. GA positions become available fairly regularly given that graduate school, for most students, is a relatively short endeavor. If the position you seek isn't available the first time you inquire, be persistent as it may be available the next semester.
  2. The McCoy College of Business graduate assistantships may focus on research, instructional support, and/or administrative support.
  3. Graduate Assistant positions are typically capped at 20-hours per week and you are paid via check or direct deposit just like you would be at a normal, non-university job. Your earnings do not serve to directly offset/discount the tuition and fees you are billed by Texas State University. HOWEVER, a major benefit to international or out-of-state students is that, in addition to the income, working as a graduate assistant typically qualifies you for the much less expensive in-state tuition rate.