Academic Advising

Important Academic Policies

Academic Good Standing: If you are requesting approval to take a graduate elective course in the McCoy College of Business, you must be in good academic standing with a graduate GPA of at least 3.0. Elective course requests from students with no established graduate GPA or those that are on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension will be automatically denied.

3-C Policy: Any student enrolled in a graduate degree program in the McCoy College of Business Administration can earn no more than two grades of C or lower. Even if the grade of C or lower was replaced with a higher grade as a result of repeating the course, the original grade counts as a “strike” under this policy. Upon earning the third C (or lower), the student is automatically placed on academic suspension and permanently dismissed from their degree program without any possibility of readmission to their program or another degree program in McCoy College. The 3-C Policy takes precedent over probationary status. So, if a student earns a third C they are automatically dismissed from their program permanently; even if probation does not occur.

All course substitution requests must be submitted here.